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Like me, you probably love the ups and hate the downs… We have your solution – whole Life Insurance policies that can grow with the market and have zero floors. You won’t go down when the market does! That creates a much safer location for your hard earned money. So many of us are trained that a 401K will provide for our retirement. It is one strategy among others that should be employed. A 401K grows tax deferred. That means you will get taxed on the way out, when you need it most! I have actually talked with folks who are avoiding their 401K for their retirement income. That aint right! 401K is the IRS tax code that allows it to grow tax deferred. Life Insurance is in IRS code 100. Death Benefit is tax-free, in the case of a Life Insurance with Living benefits, the latest and greatest policy available, you can access your death benefit in advance for Critical Illness and/or LTC needs-tax free. We also have Indexed Universal Life insurance policies which are the best for creating long term income at retirement with access to Living Benefits and tax-free access to your money. Call or email us! Let us show you how this strategy can create an instant estate and provide you several long term tax leveraged scenarios to protect you and your family.