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My role is to educate, consult and advise.

‘Life insurance is loaded with tax-free benefits’


ife insurance policies protect your family and other people who depend on you for financial support. Life insurance has evolved into a variety of options that also can make it an investment into your future. The younger and healthier you are, the less expensive a policy. This is why I recommend not waiting when it comes to getting life insurance.

I will answer your questions, help evaluate your needs, make recommendations and give you a variety of options and quotes.

It’s a great feeling when you’ve made a sound investment in protecting your loved ones’ financial future!

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Wow, Life Insurance has changed so much…Do you have OLD style Life Insurance, or the NEW style? Are you aware of the difference?

Basically, the new style pays you cash when you need it… while you are still living

A good life insurance plan of either type can do more than just pay your family a death benefit. We have both Term and Permanent plans that can create access to the benefit amount before you die. In the event you were to be diagnosed with Chronic Illness,  Terminal Illness, or Critical Illness, you could access a large portion of your death benefit before you die. This will enable access to care and pay bills while you are not working.

Insurance types:

• Term Life

• Term Life with Living Benefits

• Permanent/Whole Life

• Whole Life with Living Benefits

Life Insurance can be used to fund Buy/Sell Agreements, Key Person Coverage and Cross Coverage situations.

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For a quote and consultation,  please provide your name, phone number, email, date of birth, M/F, death benefit and term (duration of policy) desired, height and weight.