CA license 0F95193, 0E20505

Not all agents are equal. Passing licensing tests is one thing, but Insurance is truly a business where experience is king in choosing your agent or evaluating your agent. There is really a lot to know in Health and Life Insurance. Many agents fail in this business, I am humbled & grateful for the clients I have had for a long time. I have made mistakes along the way,  but I always keep my client’s best interest in mind and make sure to admit my mistakes and correct them. I believe this has taken my clients to friends because they trust me…. I honor that trust and it is my highest priority. I feel welcomed and trusted into companies to interact with their employees and help spread their message of caring through their company’s offered benefit.  When interviewing agents. make sure you get someone who creates peace of mind. Don’t choose someone with little experience. They will make mistakes, but if not diligent, they may not admit or correct them. At David Lindsey Insurance Agency, we are always ready to interview for the job.