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There's a dizzying array of possible healthcare providers and policy configurations. What's best for you? We'll help you target what's just RIGHT!
For starters, do you qualify for Covered California?
Remember, working with an agent does not cost you anything. If you need a plan, here is our process.


Let’s determine if you qualify for tax subsidies. If you do, you should sign up through



See if you qualify. Site will check your household size versus anticipated income.



If your income falls between 138% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, you qualify for tax subsidies.


If you qualify for subsidy, go to, create an account. You can make me your agent once you have an account. I can coach you on best plans, doctors you want to access, and help you understand health insurance benefits. Once you have created your account, email me. I will let you know how to appoint me as your agent and make an appointment for a live call for coaching. 


If you make more than 400% of FPL (Federal Poverty Level), you will not qualify for any tax subsidy and you are better served going “direct to a carrier” with an Agent like me. Again, it costs you nothing. My quoting engine has all the carriers for CA, so you can get everyone quoted from one site.



Click here to enter your information or your family’s information in the form at the bottom of the page. Finish the quote application and I will be notified.


I will review what you were quoted and make contact with you. We’ll review who your doctors are, what is best plan/carrier to access them, answer your questions, and you can enroll online once you are ready.

Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze… HMO vs PPO.. Let’s discuss

Supplemental coverage plans

Accident Plan – In the event of accidental injury, this plan will help you pay your share of cost

Dental PPO  – Provided by Spirit Dental riding the Ameritas PPO dental network

Dental Discount Plan  – A well run dental discount plan from New Dental Choice

Vision Plan – Individual and Family Vision plan by Direct Vision Insurance

A Question?