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Know that I think of myself as a true partner in your business model. When we first meet, I approach it like applying for a job.

ince the insurance carrier (of your choice) ultimately pays the cost of me helping you, you can move ahead with a great sense of freedom and peace of mind. I want you to see my value and ‘hire’ me to take care of the employer sponsored benefits of your company! Once we agree to move ahead together, I feel like part of your company. I am part of your team and have your best interests at heart.

It goes something like this

1.  Initial meeting to establish what you are doing now, how benefits help you hire and retain, how working together will benefit your company, tax consequences

2. I take census (list of eligible employees and families to be covered), lines of coverage you want to offer

3. Strategy Meeting – We meet to walk through our recommendations with a quote, supporting data, enabling you to make an educated decision as to your best course of action

4. Onsite enrollment meeting with employees. My team and I answer questions and work with your people

5. We utilize a state of the art Online Enrollment Portal that holds and retains your information, work with your Employees to ensure timely enrollment. We will use this with your new hires as well. No more corralling paper apps from your team

6. We submit your company’s enrollment to the carrier of your choice and secure cards and educate employee best practices on getting care and using their benefits

7. The insurance policies are provided to you, and we coach your employees on how best to use them

The whole process is colored by a genuine desire to understand the individual needs of your employees and assist them in making good decisions. I ENJOY this work and consider it a privilege to help people with their insurance!

Call or write me to set up your appointment.

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