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Why Have Travel Health Insurance?

Imagine being on a family vacation, you trip and fall in Greece and need stitches at an ER. They don’t know who your insurance provider is (i.e. Anthem, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Healthnet). However, they DO know who VISA, Mastercard and American Express are! They will charge your card a large sum before they will see you. You then have to file for reimbursement upon your return. Also, some plans have limits on out-of-US coverage. For these reasons, I highly recommend Travel Health Insurance from GeoBlue. They have an international network of Doctors and Hospitals, an international toll-free number to call. That same trip and fall – you call them, they will GPS you to the nearest network provider and payment arrangements are done before you get there.

For this kind of benefit, click here to quote your trip and find out what else they can do.