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San Diego is the “HMO Capital of the World”. Our San Diego marketplace is truly unique because whether you are Sharp, Scripps or UCSD, you have tremendous Doctors and Hospitals available to you. You don’t feel penalized as other markets may. Scripps and Sharp both call home to over 2000 Doctors (PCP and Specialists). UCSD is less than that but still sizeable. My point is that this isn’t Texas where you might have 36 doctors an hour or two away from you. This is San Diego and we have large, highly regarded Doctor groups. They are competing with each other and against Kaiser too…Competition is good.  So, often when I get a new client, they will ask about a PPO, especially if they have recently moved here or been on a PPO for years. All three of the markets I serve, Group, Medicare and Individual/Family plans benefit right now with plans that are HMO based. That benefit is substantial. Know this, Scripps is not going to refer you to Sharp anymore and vice versa. Also, our San Diego HMOs have come a long way from what they were in the 80s/90s.
This is where I challenge you to consider an HMO based product. If your concern is about having a doorkeeper, know this. All of our large Medical Groups have invested a great deal of money to create a one-stop center for you. You can drive to several Campus environments, many in excess of 100,000 square feet of Primary Care, Specialists, Lab/X-ray, Therapy, Ophthalmology and more in that campus. All of the newest ones have Urgent Care centers. If you wake up and your knee hurts and you would normally call your Orthopedic Specialist, now you go to the Urgent Care, they image you as necessary, share that image with your Doctor and make a priority appointment for you. Your time with your specialist is actually less because you are not waiting for him to get you X-rayed or MRI-ed. It is actually a more efficient model and the Urgent Care Centers are open into the evenings for after work visits.
So, if you are in San Diego, I challenge you to consider an HMO…but we will get you what you want. 😊