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Welcome to this insurance education, insurance information, insurance advice and insurance sales site. It’s for those seeking the best fit and best rates in insurance for health, life, disability, individual and small group insurance, and fixed annuities. Take advantage of a consultative approach to finding and maintaining the best insurance at the best rates for you and your family or your business. Insurance that's right for you. Advice, not just price.

At its best, your insurance should be the result of a process that begins with questions. What are my goals? What do I need for peace of mind? How much money do I, my family or my business need in the face of certain eventualities? These are often not easy questions to answer. That’s where professional insurance consultation and professional insurance advice comes in.

A qualified and experienced insurance professional can help you formulate the right questions, culminating in the ultimate question – what insurance is right for me and my family or business? The answers may surprise you – everybody is different and the recommendations SHOULD be different for different individuals. The answers WILL change over time, because various trends and various insurance products ebb and flow, rise and wane, over time. The array of insurance products and variations within insurance products in the areas of life insurance, health insurance, health savings accounts (HSA), small group, disability insurance, fixed annuities, and insurance for the self employed, are extraordinary and ever changing. Let a qualified specialist give you the insurance advice that you need to make sound decisions.

Did you know that, when you are properly served, insurance advice costs you nothing? Contrary to common belief, there are no ‘savings’ when going ‘direct’ to the insurance carriers. So take advantage of the free consultation you have coming to you from a qualied source like the David Lindsey Agency. Our specialty is working with people and matching them to the right insurance products within the array of possibilities available.

Check out the FAQ section of this web site. Here is an example of what you will find there:

Q- What kinds of changes are going on in the market right now?

A- Plans for all the major carriers in California are changing. Some companies are limiting your exposure to high co-insurance should something happen (a very good thing in our opinion). Some are adding “Health Incentive Programs”, rewarding good health and changes towards better health. Consumer driven health plans empowering the insured with more knowledge and responsibility for  their Health Care and cost are making way to the market. Health Savings Accounts are popular for reducing costs, but if not counseled properly by your agent, can be a recipe for problems come claims time. Bottom-line, carriers are trying to meet the demands that the consumer has been putting on them. We will see more transparency of cost of care coming.

About Health Savings Accounts

Q- What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

A- A HSA is very similar to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Both grow the money deposited Tax-Deferred until 65. The difference being the money deposited into your HSA can be used to pay your Medical Expenses as they are incurred that are not paid for by your Health Insurance.

The David Lindsey Agency takes your individuality seriously, and is seriously interested in getting the best possible insurance coverage at the best possible rates for you. Please enjoy this web site – we hope you learn something - and then call or email the David Lindsey Agency for the insurance advice that will get you the best California insurance at the most affordable rates.