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Often clients ask me about their billing and copays, etc., with providers (i.e. doctors, labs and hospitals). If issues arise regarding anything from a copay at your doctor’s office to a bill for imaging or labs, here are some tips. For the copay at the Doctors office, understand that the receptionist is tasked with getting your copay. You may not have one, you may have to pay for the doctor visit in full. Offer to pay a copay and wait to be billed for whatever you may owe after Insurance has been pinged. Insurance will send or post online in your account an EOB (Explanation of Benefits). That EOB will tell you what they paid, how much your plan covers and how much you owe. Once you have a bill and EOB, you have something to call and speak to the billing department about. If you owe more than you are willing to pay, offer to pay in installments. Most providers will negotiate something fair with you. Always remember that giving them a little towards what you owe and making arrangements for the rest will go a long way towards your peace and theirs. If you need help and/or advice, reach out. We are here to help!