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This week, we are you going to touch on dental plans. If you can get dental plans from your employer, we have a lot of great dental plans to offer that have great networks and benefits. However, if you are like me, self-employed, dental plans in San Diego tend to be underwhelming. I have worked with several PPOs, HMOs and discount plans. For a period of time during my sixteen year career of insurance benefits, I have not offered anything more than a discount plan. I don’t like selling something that does not have a compelling value. Now, I have Spirit Dental. They offer multiple PPO plans that most of the time my client’s dentist is in the network. They ride the Ameritas PPO network which is very strong here in San Diego. The plans are affordable. My dentist says I need crowns to fix my failing 30 year old silver fillings. The plan I like has an annual max that grows for the first three years you are with them. You start at $1200, move to $2500 in year two, then to a $5000 max for year three. Pretty cool! They also offer a vision plan that can be added that is great too. For more information, visit my website, or for the dental site directly, go to