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Changing California Healthcare Market Warrants Insurance Review, Urges David Lindsey Agency


SAN DIEGO, CA, April 19 – California’s Healthcare market is once again undergoing changes, with consequences for caregivers, healthcare facilities, patients and the insurance industry that pays many of the bills. The shift is away from HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations) and towards PPO’s (Preferred provider organization), according to a new report by the California Healthcare Foundation, a shift that may leave some with inadequate insurance coverage.


“California is seeing this shift in response to increased cost for HMOs and a desire for greater value for their investment in Healthcare coverage” says Dave Lindsey, President of David Lindsey Agency, “Key to that is matching changing client needs to anticipated usage. For example a young couple enjoys HMO coverage when having a child, but that premium is expensive and unnecessary once the child reaches the age of two.  It is important to fully understand the benefit/premium savings trade-off.”


The number of patients going to HMO’s from employers has declined between 2% and 3% each year for the past several years, according to the report “California Health Care Market Report 2006”. The report estimates that up to 12 million Californians get their health care from HMO’s.


“Policy holders should be aware that the shift to PPO’s warrant a review of their policy’s coverage, as benefits can vary dramatically” says Lindsey, “different plan provisions by the various providers can be complex and confusing.”


“Businesses also need to have their insurance programs reviewed as premium costs change due to market shift.” according to Lindsey. “Employers are struggling with escalating benefit costs eating into profitability. Insurance Companies are reacting to the shifting market by bringing new products to the market, rewarding good health, and creating better health incentives, putting some of the burden/incentive back on the employee.”


“Have your insurance reviewed by a competent insurance professional” advises Lindsey.


About David Lindsey Agency: David Lindsey Agency specializes in collaborating and consulting on quality Health, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance programs for individuals/families and small business owners. The company focuses on matching the right insurance to the needs of their clients and managing those dollars invested in coverage, to the benefit of their clients.  For additional information please visit the website http://davidlindseyinsurance.com.



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