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Insurance advice from David Lindsey Agency

Did you know?

The health insurance market is one that is ever-evolving.


New products (and yes plans are products, designed to provide solutions and meet market demands) are released all the time. Insurance companies' strategies and their aggressiveness in the marketplace change all the time.


What does this mean for you? It's important to work with your professional agent to ensure that your dollars invested in premiums are getting you the coverage and asset protection you want and need.


Don’t forget, things change in your life too - kids, marriage, divorce, death. All things your insurance professional needs to be made aware of. At David Lindsey Agency, we look at ourselves as managers of your premium investment and asset protection strategy, much like a financial planner looks after your investments.


For those in the individual/family plan market, it is especially important to have someone on your side aware of carriers who are eliminating maternity coverages. All plans in California have state mandates requiring coverage for complications of pregnancy, but what about normal delivery? Most plans do not cover it! We may need to work together to design a strategy to meet that need for you, in advance.


Let us do what we do best - advise you on how you can get the maximum coverage for your dollars!